Choosing Plants For Christmas

Flora can become the centrepiece of a Christmas design scheme. Including them will help a room feel more traditional. A common mistake when decking the halls is to add too many tacky elements. If plants are featured they will minimise this effect. The app Planta will appeal to festive fans who need help looking after their greenery.

A Natural Christmas Tree

People often wonder whether it is better to get a real or fake tree. There is much debate around this subject. Cutting down trees on a large scale can harm the environment. However, on an individual scale using a natural Christmas tree tends to have a smaller carbon footprint. If someone owns a plastic one it is important to reuse them for as long as possible. This is because they may contain materials that cannot be recycled.

Knowing How To Care For Them

If the homeowner does not how to care for a Christmas plant it will soon wither away. Every species of houseplant is different with their own specific needs. Luckily, people can utilise the planta app which is filled with useful information and tips. With it the homeowner can ensure that the flora survives the entire Christmas season. Users can even be sent reminders of when to water, clean and fertilise them.

Holly And Mistletoe

These two iconic plants have become synonymous with the holiday. It should come as no surprise that so many people use them as Christmas decorations. Mistletoe has a particularly rich history that dates back to the time of the druids. Holly was seen as a symbol for everlasting life by early Pagans. Many of their ancient traditions were incorporated into the Christian holiday. Anyone who wants to include them in their festive décor should be aware that they can be toxic to both humans and house pets.

Darker Environments

The windows of the home might be covered so that minimal light is let in. Doing so would make the Christmas illuminations more effective. However, plant life requires sunlight in order for photosynthesis to occur. It is wise to check the Planta app for examples of greenery that can endure darker environments. It contains a light meter that gives people a better idea of which plants are most suitable.

Identifying Interesting Plants

On occasion a person might pass by a plant in a natural environment and want it for their festive décor. Planta will identify it for them so that they can purchase one of their own. Many people will already be aware of traditional Christmas plants. If homeowners want to be more creative and different they could utilise an exotic species.