Christmas Decorations

The Tree

The simple Christmas tree is one of the most essential decorations during the holiday season. They can be purchased as either a real tree or a fake one. Once they have been placed in a sturdy container, they can then be adorned with ornaments. Often people will wrap tinsel and lights around the tree.

They will also place baubles on the tree, to make it even more eye-catching. The top of it is typically decorated with either a star or an angel figure. The Christmas tree has mass appeal, due to its customisable nature. The design and colour scheme is up to the individual.

Extenal Lights

Christmas lights are not just confined to the inside of a dwelling. People can purchase outdoor lanterns, which can withstand the elements. It is not uncommon to see houses wholly covered in these decorations.

In recent years faux icicles have begun to be popular. These are regular outdoor lights, with a bulb that has an icicle shape. They can make a house seem like it is in the North Pole.

Often the accommodation that Engelberg has to offer will be replete with Christmas lights during the holiday season. These places offer great photo opportunities for couples and families. For this reason, it is worth booking during December.

Nativity Models

Traditionalists love to decorate their homes and businesses with images of the Nativity. These will usually involve a display in the shape of the barn where Jesus is said to have been born. People can place miniature versions of Baby Jesus, Mary, the Magi, and other characters within this display.

Some places even have full-size Nativity displays. These can involve mannequins with intricate costumes and props. It has also become famous for real people to play these characters. This has led to a new form of performing art.

Treats for Santa

Children are told by their parents that on the night of Christmas Eve, Santa Claus will arrive at their house to drop off presents. To make the illusion complete, they are also sometimes asked to leave milk and cookies for him to consume.

Another tradition is to leave carrots for Santa’s reindeer to eat. On Christmas morning, the children will find that these foodstuffs have been consumed during the night. This is an excellent way of getting kids to experience the spirit of the season.

Some parents even like to leave a thank you note written by Father Christmas. Many craft stores sell festive paper and pens to make it even more convincing. Alternatively, the note can be written on a computer in an appropriate font and printed off. This will prevent it from having the same handwriting as one of the parents.