Picking Great Christmas Gifts for Your Family and Friends

Christmas is a great time to reminisce on the year, which has ended and share fun moments with loved ones and friends. A great tradition that has been passed over generations during this time of the year is gift-giving.

While it can be quite a task picking the right gift depending on who you are shopping for, it can also be fun. Whether you are shopping for your grandma, kid’s teacher, your spouse or closest friend, there are many outside the box gift ideas which will leave a memorable impression. Below is a well-researched list to help you pleasantly surprise your secret Santa recipient.

Bluetooth Knit Beanie

With winter upon us, this beanie makes a perfect and an unusual gift for a close friend or spouse. It’s Bluetooth-enabled and can also connect to a mobile phone, making it easy to answer a call hands-free. With this hat, they can keep warm as they listen to podcasts or music even during the coldest days of winter. This beanie is available on Amazon.

Pair of Trainers

There must be that one person in your circle of friends planning to get fit in the new year that’s just a few days away. To show your support in their endeavour, surprise them with a pair of Ecco Shoes Terracruise Tarmac trainers and take part in helping them achieve their health goal in the year 2020. There are different options to choose from.

Mersoco Briefcase Record Player

Mersoco has ensured all those desiring to go down memory lane do so in style with this beautifully made turntable which comes with built-in speakers. It is also Bluetooth enabled, making it an even more appropriate gift if you want to fascinate a digital connoisseur. Put on your dancing shoes and show off your moves anytime, anywhere. You can order this from Amazon.

Neos Smart Cam

This smart home camera by Neos can be used for fun activities or serious tasks such as surveillance. The camera captures high definition images either live or in playback. The gadget also has motion and noise-detection features. Help your loved ones create everlasting memories this Christmas with this camera.

Photography Course

This is a great gift for photography lovers or Instagram enthusiasts. Lastminute.com offers a one-day landscape photography course. Go ahead and sponsor a niece or a nephew for this and be the favourite aunt in the family.

Molecular Gastronomy Kit

This kit comes with pre-measured food additives, molecular tools and a DVD with 50 recipes which makes it a great gift, not only for people who derive pleasure in cooking but also for learners trying to perfect their skills. You can buy this on Amazon.